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Joanna is a Contemporary Abstract Artist living and working in Los Angeles.

Her work is a juxtaposition of two worlds, those of Art and Psychology. It's a manifesto of a soul seeking meaning and purpose. Raw, authentic and relevant. 


Born and raised in Poland, she moved to London, UK in her early twenties to study and practise Psychology. At the peak of her career, she reconnected and rededicated herself to a deep rooted passion for Art.


"Art has always been my refuge. It’s a passion and a compulsion. Something I have been always drawn to. A free expression of the soul being disciplined by the mind. I'm finding the process itself liberating and healing."

Joanna believes that art touches the soul, nourishes and creates the landscape for growth and connection. Her artistic mission is clear: to take a viewer on a journey of self-discovery; to connect on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level as well as to provoke, to shake, to elicit some cerebral or emotional activity. 


"Art is more than an expression of life. It's the universal language of the soul. It's a prism of everything that is both real and imaginary. It's the only thing that does not need to be measured, compared and understood."

Her work is multilayered and textured, often monochromatic. As a process driven artist, she developed her own style and techniques to bring a sense of presence and potency to her artwork. She attempts to make a viewer pause and reflect, and ultimately join her on a journey to a life lived with purpose and meaning. 


"Every painting, every canvas is a journey on its own. It tells a story. Like life, it's not about a destination but a journey. May it be guided by honesty, authenticity and love."


© 2018 Jeffrey Sklan Photography